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Vision and Mission
Government of Garut Regency 2009-2014

Realized Garut that independent in Economics, Fair in Culture and Democratic in Politics based on Ridlo Allah SWT (God Bless)


  1. Developing the quality of human resources based on religious values, social and cultural local discernment appropriate;
  2. Developing democracy economic based on agribusiness, agroindustry and tourism, along with the development of local culture;
  3. Improving the clean and good corporate governance;
  4. Increase the quantity and quality of region infrastructure in accordance with the resources and site plan support;


Realize a condition that the end of Garut Regency
one region and the community with all the potential and resources in the Garut Regency Government
Mandiri in Economics

attitudes and conditions Garut Regency who can meet their needs to rely on more advanced with the ability to manage all the potential resources that are in economic development

Just in Culture

attitudes and conditions Garut regency, which is proportionally balanced and build social and cultural life of wisdom according to the local civil society

Democratic Politics in attitudes and conditions Garut Regency able to build social capital in creating good corporate governance
Based on Ridlo Allah SWT attitudes and conditions that always Garut Regency give all actions to Allah SWT


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