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Vision and Mission
Garut Regency
Realized Garut Pangirutan (charming Garut) that the establishment of Tata Tengtrem Kerta Raharja (peace and welfare) based on Ridho Allah SWT

  the accountable government, who respects the rule of law, democracy and human rights;
  Improving the quality of human resources;
  Improving the quality of life religion;
  Excavate and utilizing natural and designed resources with keep environmental sustainability;
  Empowering democracy economic systems based on the potential of local and market mechanisms;
  Realized Garut as regional of agribusiness and agroindustry;
  Realized Garut as tourism resort region with conservation and development of local arts.

Improving the quality of skills and professionalism of the government apparatus to realize the "Good Governance";
Enforcement rule of law, democracy and human rights;
Increasing the quantity and quality of education through the development of education through the development of formal education and education outside school;
Improving the quality and quantity of infrastructures and services in public health;
Improving the quality of life, educational facilities and religious literacy;
Management of natural and made resources with attention to aspects of the benefits and risks to the environment;
Optimizing site plan with attention the environment;
Improving the quality and quantity of agriculture with technology-friendly environment;
Empowerment and development of medium and small business cooperatives;
Improvement of transportation facilities and infrastructure, Post and Telecommunications, Mass Media and Communications to support sustainable development;
Improvement and development of facilities, infrastructure, and human resources;
Maintenance and development of art and cultural identity as a region;
Poverty reduction through employment creation and handling of remote area.
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