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Symbol Region

Logo Garut

Regional Regulation Number 9 In 1981
Local Symbol of Garut Regency

Summary of Article 1:
Local Symbol is symbol that describing the potential of Garut Regency.

Summary of Article 2:
Shape and size: a shield with 3 cornered which is an old yellow frame with a size of width 3 and height 4. 
Painting :
Blue sky at the top of the shield.
5 corner star with yellow gold shines 
Five old blue mountains, describe Mn.Talagabodas, Mn. Cakrabuana, Mn. Cikuray, Mn. Papandayan, and Mn. Guntur
River, be depicted with a white line 3, which describes the 3 major rivers in the area of Garut Regency: Cimanuk, Cikandang, and Cilaki.
Sea waves, 2 the blue line depicts the limit of the sea South Garut Regency Indonesian Ocean.
Dark-green carpet on the bottom of the shield depicts the situation of land in Garut Regency is fertile.
A Garut Orange, yellow orange color that is specific product from Garut Regency.
Completeness, in the form of red tape that is located under the shield prop, both ends and there is a written letter folding white noise

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