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Garut is one of the regencies in southern West Java with the area of 306.519 hectares or 3,065.19 square kilometers. Geographically, it lies between 6º57'34''- 7º44'57" South Latitude and 107º24'3"- 108º24'34" East Longitude, belonging to West Java Province region in Indonesia where its borders are the follows:

Northern Side
Sumedang Regency
Eastern Side
Tasikmalaya Regency
Southern Side
Samudera Indonesia
Western Side
Cianjur and Bandung Regency

Garut Regency is close to the city of Bandung as the capital of West Java Province and near to Jakarta as capital of Indonesia.  Garut Regency is the buffer zone and hinterland for the development of Bandung and Jakarta territory . Therefore, the Garut Regency has a strategic position and act as the supplier for the needs of Bandung/Jakarta municipality and populations all at once it takes a role in restraining environmental equilibrium.

In general, Garut has a cool but tropical climate, with an average temperature of 24°C (76°F). Average annual rainfall is 2,590 mm (102 inches).

Garut Regency has two distinct topographical areas:

Area on the northside, Eastside and Westside generally are plateau area with hilly and mountainous nature condition.  This area includes valley territory surrounded by volcanoes (Mount Karacak: 1,838 m, Mount Cikuray: 2,821 m, Mount Guntur: 2,249 m, Mount Papandayan: 2,622 m) on the northern side, with average heights of 700–750 m above sea level.  Northern Garut consists of highlands which constitute the largest rice fields in Garut

Southern Garut mostly consists of sloping land and twelve rivers which flow south, emptying into the Indian Ocean.  The most surface of it’s land have inclination which relative steeply enough. Natural pattern on the Southside area is coloured by Indonesian Ocean climate with whole natural potency and beautyful of it’s shores.

The typology of land fertility is various because of being influenced by mountains, river stream and coastal lowland territories. With the mentioned condition the potency of Garut Regency's territory  dominated by agricultural businesses especially plantation, food plant, animal husbandry followed by forest resources.

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