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Description of the Garut Regent Period to Period

Since the period of the new District Limbangan in the Holy beribukota as embryo of Garut Regency to appear with the period after the official name "Garut District", there are 23 regents who served.

As mentioned in the Brief History page Garut, the establishment of a new District-based Limbangan decree Raffles as Lieutenant Governor (Lieutenant Governor) is in Indonesia on 16 February 1813. Bupati who served at the time was Adiwijaya RAA (1813-1831), because that if the calculation period Garut regency government was from here the RAA Adiwijaya is the first Regent of Garut.

July 1, 1913 changed to Regency Limbangan Garut regency that occurred in the period to period-4 since 1813, the Regent of the RAA Wiratanudatar (1871-1915), based on a decree of Governor-General on 7 May 1913 (Staatsblad van Nederlandsch Indie-No. 356: Besluit van den Gouverneur-General van Nederlandsch-Indie van 7 May 1913 No. 60). Thus, it can be said that the RAA Wiratanudatar is the first Major of the government led the region with the name of Garut Regency.

On 14 August 1925, a decision based on the Governor General, Kabupaten Garut district government passed as stand-alone (autonomous). This happened at the time of the RAA Soeria Kartalegawa to become Regent-5 since 1813 or to the Regent-2 appear since the Garut Regency . Therefore, the RAA Soeria Kartalegawa is a regent who led the first Garut regency as the autonomous regions.

In the Dutch colonial era, the applicable turnover regent in Garut regency identical to that effect in the kingdom-the kingdom of ancient India, when the Regent died or stopped due to certain things, then who is entitled to replace the son of man or the oldest male son.  If it is not so, successor still has blood relationship or kinship is close. From time to time, the first regent RAA Adiwijaya (1813-1831) replaced by puteranya RAA Kusumadinata (1831-1833) as the regent. Then regent forwarded a second by menantunya Tumenggung Jayadiningrat (1833-1871) as regent of the third.  Still have family ties, replaced by three regents Wiratanudatar RAA (1871-1915) as regent of the fourth. The fourth regent replaced by keponakannya Adipati Syrian Kartalegawa (1915-1929) who became regent fifth. Then he forwarded by puteranya Adipati Moh. Syrian Kartalegawa Moses (1929-1944) as regent sixth.

Garut in history, the oldest of the Regent lead to more than 40 years of the RAA Wiaratanudatar (1971-1915). At least three people who led the regent of less than one or two years, such as R. Tumenggung Endung Suriaputra (1944-1945) or Letkol grown Ahyar Masyur (1966-1967).

History also notes that since the election period of time based on the regent, regent of Garut there has not been holding the position more than one period.

Photos - Photos from Garut Regent Period to Period
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