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The potential mining materials to be explored in Garut Regency is a mineral group C and some other materials that were presented in the description below.  Mining give 0.20% in Garut Regency economic structure.
1. Perlit dan Obsidian
Perlite rock is made by lava riolit. Lava flow at the time, the beneath the water in contact with the media and due to the load above and restrained the flow of lava that will happen very fast cooling, and than perlitizing happen. 
Obsidian is a rock made by the volcano activity eruption acid and base, has very quickly freezing so that it will form a glass or crystal.
Benefit from perlite and obsidian is as a raw material for lightweight concrete, building isolation, plastering, high temperature isolator, scour, filters, carrier material (media) and a mixture of fodder. Location minerals found this among others in the Mountain Kiamis and the surrounding, District Pasirwangi with the amount of reserves estimated at 72 million tons.
2. Half of Jewel Rock
  This mineral also known as gemstone. This mineral is found in the southern part of Garut Regency spread among Cilending Block, Cigajah Block, Kiara Payung Block, Sukarame Village, District of Caringin with the amount of reserves estimated 9035 tons with the quality varies.
Based on the quality of the materials can be used as jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring) or as household materials (tables, statue, ashtray, etc).
Other variation as krisopras - emerald Garut, copper stone nerves, agat, quartz (cone-shaped), , fossil wood, and others.
Opportunities to export is quite bright where prices could reach U.S. $ 300/kg and fossil wood pancawarna U.S. $ 25/kg.
3. Kaolin
Kaolin is a mineral industry that many used as a raw material in paper making, ceramics, paint, isolator, and so on. Outcrop form kaolinazing due process and alleged associated with the weathering process / hydrothermal process on the rock that contains tuf.
Mineral is found in the village Campaka, Cikarang, and Citeras, District Malangbong with estimated reserves as follows:

a. Block Karaha (Village Cikarang ) of 2,673,336 m3.
b. Block Citeras (Village Cihaurkoneng) of 2,737,000 m3.
c. Block Batulayang (Village Sukamanah) of 3,311,000 m3.

At this time, the kaolin market is still limited to supply the needs of ceramic factories in Java.
4. Templek Stone
  This stone very popular in Indonesia, are generally used for the exterior design of offices, businesses, and housing.  Templek stone is a kind of stone with layering andesite structure. The process of establishment associated with volcanic activities.
This mineral in some locations; District Cisewu region, such as Pasir Ciaseup, Ciawitali (Village Girimukti), Kampung Lio, Cipicing, Ciguntur, Cilumbu and Dataran Loa (Village Cisewu).  With total reserves (currently) is supported by 1.8 million m3 of high quality (super), along with consumer demand, from time to time increase, which will provide enough promising prospects.
5. Sand and Sirtu
Sand deposition is generally as aluvium, while the deposition of a volcano produces lava, sand and stone (sirtu). Mineral sands and sirtu located in the District Leuwigoong, Samarang, Garut Kota, Banyuresmi, Tarogong, Leles and Cibatu. Potential production of sand and sirtu has feasibility study located in the district Banyuresmi: 17,310 m3/year, Samarang: 3850 m3/year, Cibatu: 455 m3/year.
6. Tras
Tras volcano is rock that has changed in chemical composition caused by the weathering conditions and the influence of underground water. Mineral is creamy white to brown, compact and solid and quite difficult to be extracted with simple tools. Tras for the purposes of the raw material is brick, cement industry, a mixture of cement and building materials of nature. At this time have not been used optimally, but the local population has been used for making bricks.
7.  Urug Land
Urug Land is a cover land results of rock volcano process. Land easily be extracted with simple equipment.  Urug land located in the District of Leles, Banyuresmi and Leuwigoong, with limited reserves and resources in local.
8. Loam
Loam or clay has been used by local residents to make the tile and brick red. This mineral in some places such as Village Cihonje, Sukabandung, Banyuresmi and Sukarame
9. Stone Pieces
Stone as part of the lava rock, mountains breksi components of fire and intrusion frozen rock, generally occupy the area near water resorces. Location of stone pieces that are considered potential Bungbulang the District, Kadungora, Leles and Cisewu.
10. Pumice
Pumice stone is the result of the volcano eruption material that contains silica and has a high nature hollow-point cavity. Location of this mineral in the Village Nagrek, District Bl. Limbangan, are not spread evenly in the rock breksi volcano. 
11. Sulfur
Sulfur found in the Mount Papandayan. Benefits of sulfur can be used as a fertilizer, explosives, material support textile industry, rubber, pesticide, paper, pharmaceuticals and others.
12. Toseki
Toseki is frozen acid rock (ziolit, dasit, acid perlite and tufa) made by the hydrothermal process then changes the nature of physical, chemical, and minerals. Location toseki found in the area northeast of Mount Mandalagiri, District Cikajang. Toseki is very well used as a ceramic material.
13. Silica stone
Silica stone can be used as decorative stone, has a physical nature white colored, brown, white milk, white brown, old, reddish, purple, colors, green and somewhat translucent. Silica as a component of stone matrix breksi andesite with the location of minerals in Sayangheulang, Bungbulang District, located in river valleys and the base.

Area of Prospective Mining Material
 Location (Districts)
Regional Prospects
Gold dump
Pamulihan, Pakenjeng, Talegong , Cisewu,
Caringin, Banjarwangi, Cikajang,
Peundeuy, Singajaya, Cibalong,
Cisompet, Bungbulang, Mekarmukti,
Wanaraja, Karangpawitan
Ciarinem, Cijahe, Cijaringao, Sukul, Pasirgaru
Iron sand
Cibalong, Pameungpeuk, Cikelet, Pakenjeng, Caringin, Mekarmukti
Cimerak, Sayang heulang, Cibera, Citanggeuleuk,
Cijayana, Ranca buaya
Cibalong, Cikelet, Bungbulang
Banyuasih, Ciawitali,
Cileuleuy, Cikabunan
Cisurupan, Wanaraja
Singajaya, Cibalong.
Girimukti, Dahu
Templek Stone
Cisewu, Caringin
Loa, Sukarame
Karaha, Citeras,
Pasir Wangi
G. Kiamis
Sand and sirtu
Tarogong Kaler, Samarang
G. Guntur, Cikatomas
Andesite Stone
Cisewu, Cikajang, Pakenjeng
Half Jawel Stone
Caringin, Cisewu, Bungbulang
G.Kencana, Cilubang
Cisompet, Pameungpeuk
Cipicung, Sinarjaya
Kiarapayung, Tj. Jaya
Mangan/ White Metal
Cibalong, Cisompet
Cicuri, Jatisari
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