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Potential Natural Resources

Garut regency has long beach ± 80 km in the range of 7 (seven) districts.  South beach Garut regency has the potential form Exclusive Economic Zone (ZEE) 200 nautical miles with the area catching ± 28. 560 km2 and has estimated potential sustainable (MSY) of 166,667 tons / year. Meanwhile, for the territorial zone (12 nautical miles) has a potential of 10,000 tons / year. Until now, Garut Regency fishermen utilize the territorial zone of the catch just reached 4994.16 tons (or approximately 49.94% of the potential), because of limited infrastructure/equipment. Garut Fisherman just use small ship (5-10 GT).

Potential fisheries generally arrested in the south of Garut Regency such as Tuna,  Squid, Layur, Kakap, Black Bawal, Kerapau, Baronang, , Lobster and beautifull fish. Besides fish, there are enough seaweed potential.

In addition to the potential for sustainable marine and coastal, in Garut regency, there are potential embankment along the coastline that is approximately 1000 Ha. And there are many potential marine ecosystem consists of :

: 24 ha
Coral reefs
: 525 ha
Padang Lamun
: 75 ha
: 50,9 ha 

Other potential resources in Garut Regency is a resource of tidal energy that can be converted into electrical energy, especially in the areas bays and estuaria. Mineral resources, among others, the form bean tin, sand, iron, sand beach, stone, koblat, mangan, copper and others.
Garut district also has a huge potential to be developed as tourist destination with a variety of beach tourism object.

In the field of biological resources, Garut Regency has the potential of fisheries resources is quite large including:
  1. Cultivation of the sea: there is a potential of 3400 Ha and used just 0.5 Ha or about 0.01%
  2. Cultivation of embankment: there is a potential of 1000 Ha and used just 26.6 Ha or around 2.66%

Potential of Human Resources

Human resources in the attempted arrest of the fish in the sea are the fishermen, fish traders and fish processors from 7 districts in the Garut Regency.  Amount of fisherman increase an average 3.5% each year.

The number of marine Human Resources are:
: 3.003 person
Fish traders (basket)
: 123 person
Fish processing
: 19 person

 Potential Business arrest

The important facilities and infrastructure in supporting the fisherman in Garut Regency consists of 4 PPI / TPI (Place Fish Auction), namely :

- PPI / TPI Cijeruk in District Cibalong
- PPI / TPI Cilauteureun in District Pameungkpeuk
- PPI / TPI Cimarimuara in District Pakenjeng
- PPI / TPI Rancabuaya in District Caringin

The facilities available in each building is the PPI Place Fish Auction (TPI), which functions as :

1. Place fish in a way to sell auction
2. Meeting place, the fishermen with baskets of fish
3. Place of the fishermen
4. Place fish price information
5. Source of Regional Income (PAD)

Development Efforts

Effort that needs to be done in the development of fisheries and marine resources in the utilization of the potential and challenges to improve the global market (export), it needs to be done to accelerate development of fisheries and marine from :
    1. Arrest the development of the fleet (both small boats and large ships
    2. Development of port facilities and infrastructure
    3. Development of infrastructure facilities and processing of fishery
    4. Development of quality human resources and the marine fish farm
    5. Science and technology development in the field of fisheries and marine resources.

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