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Garut Orange

Reputation of Garut Regency as the center of Orange/Citrus Production in West Java and the national, strengthened through the Ministry of Agriculture Decree No.: 760/KPTS.240/6/99 on 22 June 1999 that the Garut Orange has been established as the National Superior Variety name mandarine Garut I. The determination is essentially indicates that the Orange Garut is one of the pre-eminent national agricultural commodities that need to be maintained and continuously improved the quality and quantity of production.

Since a long time, Garut orange has become a popular trademark of Garut Regency. Therefore, in accordance with Regulation No. 9 Tahun 1981, Garut Orange has made as component of Garut Regency official symbol. Besides the typical fruit Garut Regency, orange is a commodity sub-sector of food crops that have a bright prospect with high enough economic value.
As a typical pre-eminent commodity areas, Garut Orange has the opportunity to continue to be high because competitive and comparative advantages and the opportunities still wide open. With a variety of business done to improve the quality and quantity of production, Garut Orange will be able to compete with similar products both at the national level 1 as well as Medan Orange, Pontianak and imports orange citrus, such as Mandarin Orange and New Zealand.

Investment in commodities is quite prospective and can provide economic value to a high enough for both farmers and investors.
As the citrus production centers, the Government of Garut Regency continue to improve the quantity and quality of production. Currently there are no sources that report the capacity Garut Orange specifically. According to the citrus farmers are contacted by the, at the glories periode of Garut Orange, Cigadog in Wanaraja (now Sucinaraja district) was the best location that produce Garut Orange. Then the plantation destroyed when the area covered ash eruption of Mount Galunggung with the thickness reach 1 meter more.
Currently, plantation of Garut Orange commodities generally located between Siam/keprok plants in some areas in Garut Regency. Pasir Wangi and Samarang District is the priority restoration Garut Orange place. The illustration of production capacity of Garut Orange in Garut Regency is as follows:

Plants Generate
Results of each tree
In Year
Previous year
Source: Department of Food Crops and Holticulture Garut

Need to be recognized that the triumph of Garut Orange past can not be perceived completely now. As an illustration of glorious, at the end of the year 1987 recorded a population of citrus are still 1.3 million trees in the land area of approximately 2600 hectares with total production generated approximately 26,000 tons / year. However, within a period of 5 years later, the population decreased drastically. At the end of the year 1992 as much 52,000 living trees. So it is not surprising that at this time, we do not see the row Garut orange seller in the street along the Bandung - Garut, or we will not find traders in the bus selling original Garut orange.
The decreasing population of extrim Garut orange are preferred because the disease attacks Citrus vein phloem degeneration (CVPD) that comes from a bacteria (not viruses) called lybers bacteri aniaticum. Based on the results of research conducted by Japanese researchers, French, and LIPI in mind that the bacteria that does not undermine citrus plants spread through soil and seeds collected from a citrus plant disease, but is transmitted through insects like lice orange jump (diaphorina citry). Lice jump citrus infectious way with liquid smoke is a leaf, then soak up the healthy citrus leaves. Now we have a focus to combat the insects effectively so that this disease does not spread wide.
Source revealed source of this disease, make sure Garut Government step in the rehabilitation efforts of Garut orange one to development efforts in the production location nonendemis. Garut Regency Government efforts of farmers and it is slowly but surely began to show results. Now, has been re-planted more than 500,000 orange trees, or as much 40% of the target area of 1000 ha of land in the District Samarang, Pasirwangi, Bayongbong, Cisurupan, Cilawu, Karangpawitan, Pameungpeuk, Cikelet, Cisompet, and Cibalong. Hopefully this effort will restore the productivity Garut Orange again as one of the identity of Garut Regency.
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