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 Garut Leather Jacket

One of the commodities from the leather of the Garut Regency is the production of ready-made jacket leather
from (hard) and sheep (soft), which in the business environment namely with a famous fashion "Garut Leather Jacket".
Establishment of factors supporting industrial centers leather jacket is the availability of these raw materials.
Source of raw materials in Garut Regency is quite abundant with a strategic location, adjacent even integrates environmental center in the small industrial leather tannery.

Besides geography of Garut Regency is close to Bandung, the city as a center of trade dress and Jakarta as the national center of trade, allowing the business to continue to seriously increase production because the leather jacket easily marketed.

At this time, the industry of leather-wear clothes in Garut Regency are  417 formal business units, with more or less 2953 to absorb labor. The amount of production per year Leather Jacket without connection is about 50,000 pieces, and Leather Jacket with connection approximately 200,000 pieces.

Demands for leather jackets which continues to increase from the outside Garut Regency (local and national market),  such as Bandung, Jakarta, or several cities in Central Java, East Java, Bali and Sumatra have been encouraged craftsmen in leather jacket  Garut Regency grow and develop more faster than leather craftsmen in other regions.

In addition to meet consumer demand local and national, Leather Jacket Garut also have the international market, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, etc. Last data, Garut Leather Jacket exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Australia with a volume of 9488 reached $ 448,464 worth of cut.

Obstacles faced by the processing technology is to accelerate the production process and quality control of the weak against the commodities produced goods so that the image can affect the performance of commodities that have been created. Currently, the center in this industry concentrated in Sukaregang leather industrial complex in District Garut Kota. Last Data last earned in connection with the processing industry of ready-made leather in Garut Regency is as follows:

Business Unit
Investment (000 Rp) / year
Production value (Rp 000) / year
Source: Department of Trade and Industry Garut
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