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Vetiver Root Oil
Vetiver Root Oil (Andropogon Zizanioides), is one of the typical pre-eminent commodity of Garut Regency that are still relatively new, as well as green tea and tobacco which are part of the plantation sub-sector.  Vetiver root oil have a bright prospect to continue to have developed because it has comparative and competitive advantage, have potential market, both domestic market and overseas market.

Budi The cultivation of Vetiver Root in Garut regency is based on the Regent of Garut Decree Number 520/SK.196-HUK/96 on 6 August 1996, that said the area set among plantation vetiver root and development by the people of 2400 Ha and spread in the four districts, the District Samarang area of 750 ha, District Bayongbong of 210 ha, District Cilawu of 240 ha, and the District Leles of 750 ha.

Development of the area, and the broad been in each year to reach an average of 12,400 ha with oil-producing fragrant root of theaverage of 54 tons. During 2004 there were 2,400 ha of plantation to work on produce oil as much as 72 Ton, with details as follows:


Vetive root development activities involving members of the 4027 (Head of Family), which consists of 1964 people as the owner and in 2063 person as a farmer. They were joined in 28 Farmers Group in District Samarang, 18 Farmers Group in District Pasirwangi, 5 Farmers Group in Leles, 4 Farmers Group in Cilawuand 1 Farmers Group in Bayongbong. Number of processors or distiller are 33 units in the District Samarang, 21 units in District Pasirwangi, 9 units in District Leles, 1 units in District Bayongbong and 2 units in District Cilawu.
As one of the basic material for making perfume and other cosmetics, vetiver root oil has prospectif market.  Vetiver Root Oil Garut production capacity in line with the market it has all be merged with adequate price (the price in accordance with the current price), however, actual price may still be optimized again, if its quality is optimized.
Sampai saat ini sesuai dengan data yang ada, pasar luar negeri yang menyerap produk Minyak Akarwangi Garut adalah para pengusaha dari kawasan Asia, Eropa dan Amerika khususnya negara-negara seperti Singapura, India, Jepang, Hongkong, Inggris, Belanda, Jerman, Italia, Swiss, dan Amerika Serikat. Peluang ekspor untuk pemasaran minyak Akarwangi yang juga masih cukup terbuka khususnya ekspor untuk kawasan Asia Selatan dan Asia Timur, Eropa Timur dan Amerika Selatan. Apalagi jika diingat bahwa jumlah produsen atau negara pesaing di pasaran internasional masih sangat terbatas.

The overseas markets to absorb the oil product is from Asia, Europe and the United States, especially countries such as Singapore, India, Japan, Hong Kong, English, Dutch, German, Italian, Swiss , and the United States. Export opportunities for marketing the vetiver root oil are still quite open, especially to export the Asia and South East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. Moreover, note that if the number of producers or the state competition in the international market is very limited.  Currently only state Tahitti and Borbon who produce the same type of commodity.  Vetiver root oil production is very limited both in technology and capital. Although the volume of export value increased from the original value 1,175,920.00, but the production capacity of the export decline from the previous year which reached 29,100 kg.
Some of the problems that appear related to the development of vetiver root oil commodities among others:
  1. Market distribution channel of vetiver root oil commodity trade is still too long, especially if associated with the presence of the brokers
  2. Lack of cooperation among the owner / manager distillation, accessibility to capital;
  3. Limitations of adequate control technology, so that the quality of oil produced still relatively low.

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