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Dodol Garut

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Burayot Sugar made from rice flour and red options, materials and food taste the same as the other specific areas of "Ali Agrem", but because it made circular wrinkles or "ngaburayot" (in Sunda) then namely burayot.  This food is produced by many people, especially Leles Garut, because the material easily obtained.


Ladu made from sticky rice and processed rice such that a typical meal and the taste is different from the other food. Introduced the first time by the people in District Malangbong Garut.

Angleng dan Various Wajit

Angleng and wajit, actually the same as the dodol Garut produced from rice and sugar red ketan. Dodol difference is processed into a kind of caramel, while wajit not.  This food is produced by the people in Garut district, especially in District Cihurip.

Kurupuk Kulit (Skin Cracker)Garut 

This food is in line with the growing number of leather industy in Garut district. Skin crackers and dorokdok Garut has a very unique taste. Production skin crackers in Garut located in Garut City, Tarogong and other areas.

Pindang Ikan (Soft Fish)

Pindang ikan from Garut look the same as the pindang ikan in other place, but different in the processing and also has a unique taste. It can be found in many places, especially in district Cikajang, Cisurupan, and Cihideung.

Sambel Cibiuk (Cibiuk Chilies Condiment) 

Some people from Cibiuk District said that recipe of sambel Cibiuk taken from Arabic.  Sambel made in the district Cibiuk have any difference taste. It made from ingridients: green tomatoes, serawung, cayenne pepper and other spices. Due to popular, so now with the restaurant menu sambel Cibiuk already have in many large cities, especially Jakarta and Bandung. Sambal Cibiuk is originally in District Cibiuk, but you can found it in various restaurants in the Garut City, and surrounding areas such as Tarogong, Jl. Otista, Jl. Veteran and so on.


Food can be obtained in the Southern Garut. Ceprus is hot roasted cassava dye on the brown sugar that has been heated (syrup of palm sugar). Food is quite rare because brown sugar usually found in the original tree of kawung/aren (sugar palm).

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