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Natural Silk
  Natural Silk Industry in Garut regency began since Netherlands era, learned by Mr. H. Aman Sahuri (RIP) and is now forwarded by his son.  Natural Silk Garut become pioneers in the silk industry of the country until Garut Regency get Upakarti.  Garut silk become superior commodities because of the excellent quality.

Natural Silk Industry can grow in Garut Regency because several factors, that is:
  • Some of the instruments weaving machine (ATM) can be made;
  • Cultivation of silkworm enough support
The potential of natural silk industry in Garut regency is as follows:

Number of Business Unit
2 units
Investment value
160 million rupiah
Production value / year
3.600 m, or 5,904 billion worth of rupiah
Number of Employee
164 People
Kain and Gray Natural Silk
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