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Various Crafts Leather

  This commodity including the variety of leather is all forms of processed material from the leather beside wear clothes,   especially leather jacket. This distinction is based on the data collection is also
distinguished by the Department of Trade and Industry Garut regency as a source of primary data. In fact it should be recognized that the popularity of leather jacket Garut more prominent compared with other commodities leather. One of the causes is supplier for the leather jacket that can meet the demand
less than supplier shoes, belt, gloves, wallet, etc.
However, the passion, the quality, and production capacity continues to be improved, in line with increasing purchasing power and community trends. One note about the amount of leather production capacity per year is: gloves as much as 168,000 pairs, the wallet as much as 31,500 units, as well as shoes and sandals as much as 135,000 pairs. Here are a potential business leather recorded in the year:

Number of Business Unit
244 units, in District 8
Investment value
Rp 1,329.830.000
Production value / year
Rp 55.289.526.000
Number of Employee
1.614 orang
Bags, shoes / Sandals, Wallet, Hat, belt, Sarung Hand, and Other Leather.
Regional Marketing    
West Java, Central Java, Jakarta, Bali, Batam, Kalimantan.
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