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Various Crafts Bamboo

  This industry  are located in centers that grows naturally from generation to generation in the skills and expertise that comes from the previous generation.  This industry can grow natural because several factors: availability of bamboo in almost all areas Garut Regency, and production required by the public for household equipment
The availability of bamboo in Garut is big enough each year. From the last data, there were wide bamboo garden of 323.10 ha with the results of 726,492.00 tons.  Plaited bamboo products is still limited to the functions/purposes only, while product variations webbing is still very possible in order to increase quality while increasing the income of the creator. Potential of this industry are:

Number of Business
2.730 units
Investment value
Production value / year
Rp 525.325.644.000
Number of Employee
10.720 person
Kind of household, and Bird Cage, Decorative and Creative Product, etc.
Regional Marketing    
Bandung , Jabotabek, Jateng,dll.

In the framework of product innovation, has provided training centers in this industry, among others: training design, training, sculpture, creating new products. Besides, the aid effort has also been the production equipment. The ability of some groups at this time may be enough at the national level. One group of plaited bamboo has been able to represent India at international events in Korea some time ago.
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