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Gem Stone

  District Caringin gem stone extraction is the charm. Various types of stone can be ordered as carnelian stone pendant to the ring, ear stud and others with a very neat processing. A very popular type is a light green color.

Types vary as krisopras - emerald Garut, native copper (Copper Stone nerves), agat, quartz / kalsedon (cone-shaped), kriskola, jaspir, ruby wood fossil, and others. Opportunities to export to other countries is quite bright krisopras where prices could reach U.S. $ 300/kg and wood fossil pancawarna (five clolor) US$ 25/kg. Illustrated the potential for industrial charm stone:

Number of Business Unit
69 units
Investment value
64  million
Production value / year
2.5 Billion rupiahs
Number of Employee
203 people
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