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Selasa, 27 Juni 2017   Indonesia | Sunda
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Crafts Fragrant (Vetiver) Roots

  As one of the fragrant root (vetiver root) of the nominative of the world's largest (see Specific Product - Vetiver Roots Oil), Garut Regency society was to seek the maximum potential of natural resources held the craft of making fragrant roots existed in the wall decorations/table, cloth table, flower vase, candle holder, sajadah, decorations and other creative products.

Specialty of vetiver root craft: have a specific function (e.g. place tisue), has an interesting and unique characteristics (as minor is made of material that is still rare), and can be a refreshing room. Perhaps vetiver root is already known since a long time as parfume used for batik, and storage cupboard, clothing or items such as heirloom keris.
At least in the export sector that was reported last Departement of Trade and Industry Garut Regency, volume of roots that reach a range of perfumes with the 6000 unit price of U.S. $ 30,300,0. At this time, export demand sajadah fragrant roots to Arab countries continue to increase year-to year.
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