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Economic Profile
Various macro economics policy aimed at the effort to push simultanly, improvement of monetary and real sector performance as well have to remain be developed.  Indicator which is frequently used to evaluate the results of an economic development is Gross Domestic Product (GDP) either counted at production side and usage or presented at current prices and at constant prices.

By knowing the value of Gross Domestic Product, it is expected can be used by decision maker to

1.The availability of an economic macro data for planning and evaluation.

2. Depicting the chart of society’s gap.

3. Presenting the friction of an economic activities

Added Gross Value or Gross Domestic Product at current prices of Regency of Garut in 2007 was Rp 17.715.223,88 billion, in 2006 was Rp. 15.890.281,38 billion and in 2005 was Rp. 13.697.883,90 billion. Meanwhile Gross Domestic Product at constant prices in 2007 was Rp.9.563.128,46 billion, in 2006 was Rp. 9.128.807,901 billion, and in 2005 was Rp. 8.768.410,50 billion.

The growth rate of gross regional domestic product for Garut Regency in 2007 was 4.76 perceny, while growth rate in 2006 was 4.11 percent. As for the contribution of an economic sector to Gross Domestic Product is still dominated by agriculture sector at 47,90 % at the same year, in 2007.

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