Ahead Of Ramadhan, 3 Kg LPG Supply For East Region Added 500 Percent

Efforts to prevent the scarcity of 3 kilograms LPG ahead of fasting and Eid, National Entrepreneurs Association of Oil and Gas (Hiswana Migas) East Priangan increases the supply of LPG to 500 percent. This is done because the level of LPG needs of the community will increase when entering fasting month.

East Priangan Hiswana oil and gas chairman, Wawan Ugan said there was no problem of preparation of fuel (BBM) before the fasting month. Meanwhile, the supply of LPG had been prepared for the fasting month and Eid.

“We have prepared LPG supply for the fasting month and Eid at least 400 to 600 percent of the addition,” said Wawan on Wednesday , 25 May 2016.

LPG supply to East Priangan is normally 140 loading order (Lo) every day. One Lo is equivalent to 560 LPG cylinder sized 3 kilograms.

Wawan said 3-kilogram LPG supply would be added plus there was 70 Lo every day.

Wawan said the Hiswana would check out the situation on the ground. If in the middle of fasting month, there was fluctuation increase in the use of LPG, he would ask for additional supply to PT Pertamina.

“To be sure Hiswanan will continue to monitor in order to avoid scarcity,” he said.

While ahead of Eid there will be more LPG supply.

“PT Pertamina has supported for additional supply of LPG in Priangan,” he said.