Thousand Scripts For National-Standard Final Exam Of Elementary School Arrived In Garut

Secretary of the Education Department (Disdik) Garut, Dede Sutisna, accompanied by Head of Education Department of Primary Education Garut, Totong, received document for National-standard School Final Exam of Elementary level USBN SD / MI at the yard of Education Department (Disdik) Garut on Thursday (12 May 2016).

Thousands final exam manuscripts (UASBN) of primary school level (SD) / MI for Garut Regency arrived at Education Department (Disdik) Garut at around 18:30 pm.

Furthermore, they would be distributed to 42 districts in Garut. They would be distributed to 1553 public schools and Islamic School (MI) 247 in Garut.

Field Head of Basic Education, Education Department(Disdik) Garut, Totong, said the total scripts was for 52,240 students, consisting of 49,422 for public school students and 5,818 for Islamic School students in Garut. There was no extra scripts.

“If there is a shortage we will immediately ask province. So, when there is a shortage at the field we will confirm directly to the province, “he said at the Department of Education (Disdik) Garut on Thursday, 12 May 2016.

For the distribution, Totong said, he had coordinated with police to escort the scripts, and he had already coordinated with every police office.

“For efficiency and effectiveness of security this evening we will also distributed the scripts to 42 districts of course with the police escort,” he said.

Totong added to Garut regency consists of 42 districts. There were 4 Madrasah working group and 46 sub-area.

“As for the extension exam, it will be conducted on 23 May to 25 May 2016,” he said.