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Becoming Tour Strategic Area, Rancabuaya Starts Being Cared

Garut Regency Government stated Rancabuaya tourist area, District Caringin, on South area was in strategic plan program and area activity center of ​​tourism promoted by the Provincial Government of West Java (Jabar).

“Rancabuaya and vicinity are in the program of Spatial Plan of West Java province, that is a strategic region of PKWP (tourism and activity center that promoted the region),” said Secretary of Spatial Planning and Housing Department Garut, Luna Aviantrini on Monday (23 Mei 2016).

She said that Garut Government supported the strategic program of West Java provincial government because it would have a positive impact on various sectors of development in that area.

“Garut supports PKWP program in that sector with the implementation of traffic arrangement in the south region of West Java,” She said.

She said the West Java provincial government imposed a ban on the construction rules facing the sea because it would hinder the natural beauty.

Moreover, She continued, the infrastructure in the area gets ​​serious attention handled directly by the Highway Department of West Java Province.

“For other infrastructure, the terminal, and mosque will be built by the Provincial Government of West Java,“She said.

In Rancabuaya there are some attractions like Rancabuaya coast, other coastal attractions, and Puncak Guha Kelelawar.

Rancabuaya is an end region of Garut Regency that border with Cianjur Regency. Access road to Rancabuaya is quite easily with good road conditions across South West Java which is within about four hours from Garut city.