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Investor Comes, Tour Object Of Papandayan Be Beautify

Soon, One of nature’s favorite tourist destinations in Garut, Mount Papandayan, located in the District Cisrurupan, Garut, West Java will “change the face”.

It was stated by Head of Culture and Tourism (Kadisbudpar) Garut, Budi Gangan, to reporters recently. Budi said that this region appeared dirty because it was not supported by adequate infrastructure.

He said that to beautify Papandayan mountain region he would bring investors that was expert in the field. Investors referred to Budi is that the investor who has successfully managed Mount Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung.

“License management and forms of cooperation have been agreed between the investors and stakeholders, both with BKSDA as possessing a natural tourist area of ​​the mount and also with Garut Regency,” he explained.

Although not getting benefit directly from the management of the volcano Attractions managed by the private sector, but there are other benefits that will impact to local masyatakat.

“People in the area of ​​Mount Panadayan or outside the region will be empowered economically facilitated by the investor,” he said.