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Scarcity of Sugar At Guntur Garut Market

Sugar price at the retail level since last week at Ciawitali Guntur has rised due to scarce and limited supply. Based on the observation from, until Wednesday (12/05/2016) afternoon, the price of sugar reached Rp 16,000 per kilogram. Whereas previously the price of sugar was only Rp 9,000 per kilogram.

As a result of the supply scarcity, nearly every trader groceries at Ciawitali Guntur Garut did not have supplies of sugar.

” The trader only has about two to three kilograms,” said Ade (46), a trader at Ciawitali Guntur on Wednesday (05/11/2016).

Ade admitted the soaring price of sugar was the first time experienced by traders. According to him, although on the previous years the price increases, it happened when approaching Ramadan.

“But at that time, the price was not as bad as now” he said.

Ade recognized the high price of sugar resulted in the decrease of sales turnover.

“I hope the price of sugar is quickly stabilized,” he said.