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At The Last Long Holiday, 65 Thousand Tourist Visited Garut

The number of tourists visiting Garut on the last long holiday weekend reached 65 thousand people.

Some managers of tour object were quite happy with that.

“Thank God tourists visit is quite crowded, about 6,000 people. Most of them are from outside Garut, such as Indramayu, Cirebon, Sumedang, Bekasi, and Tangerang, “said Manager of Animal Park Cikembulan, Rudi Arifin.

Nevertheless, Rudi recognized weather condition was an obstacle for tourists to spend time at a tourist. Inadequate road access also made a number of potential visitors to cancel their visit.

The same thing was said by Head Office Technical Implementation Unit of Bagendit of the Department of Culture and Tourism (Disbudpar) Garut, Heri Sobur Heriana.

“There is increasing compared to normal days. But if compared to last year then number is declined, “he said.

Information compiled by INILAH, during the long holiday, the number of tourists visiting Garut reached at least 64.486 people.

Disbudpar Secretary Garut, Wiguna said that number was only from nine points attractions namely Situ Cangkuang (1,600 people), Bagendit (474 ​​people), Rancabuaya Beach(3,886 people), Sayangheulang Beach (3746 people), the Natural Park Papandayan crater (5,000 people), Talaga Bodas (1,800 people ), Animal Park Cikembulan (6,000 people), Pasirwangi Darajat area (20,000 people), and Cipanas (15,000 people).

It was estimated that the number of tourists is actually more because many other attractions in Garut.

Perhutani PR of KPH Garut Tisna said the number of tourist arrivals in Garut forestry reached about 1,150 people. That was just three of the many attractions that existed namely Mount Cikurai: 1,000 people, Curug Teko: 50 people, and Situ Cibeureum: 100 people.