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Garut Transportation Office: On Holiday Season, Many Roads Are Always Crowded

As a region having many tourist destinations Garut always gets a surge in a number of vehicles entering the main road every long holiday or weekend.

According to Wahyudijaya, Head of Transportation (Dishub) Garut, he has been preparing various steps to anticipate any surge of vehicles on a long holiday to be in control or no severe congestion .

“We always deploy personnel to assist police officers in the field. At least 40 people are alerted at the city. Then a number of personnel from eight UPTD under Dishub also is in alert “said Wahyu recently.

Wahyu recognized the high flow of vehicles on each holiday season to Garut usually occured at main line of Kadungora-Leles and Limbangan, Lewo and Malangbong.

“The rest is usually an increase in the flow of vehicles heading to places of the main line like Kadungora-Leles, Limbangan-Malangbong and track towards the South Garut”, He pointed out