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Garut Regent: Karaoke Venue Is Unfavorable For Garut Government

The number of entertainment venues in Garut does not contribute to revenue (PAD). In one year, tax revenues from nightclubs is only Rp. 75 million. Whereas based on new regulation, tax for nightclubs is 75%.

“Revenue we derive from nightclubs is not much, only Rp 75 million / year,” said Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan to reporters on Tuesday (03/05/2016).

According to him, many karaoke venue in Garut are unfavorable for Garut Regency. Employers do not pay taxes according to the rules.

“They certainly do not want to pay taxes 75% ,” he said.

Nowadays permits that have been issued are not many. There are only 10 karaoke that have obtained official permission. But the whole point of the karoke contribution is not as expected.

Associated with the insistence of a moratorium on the issuance of permits places of entertainment, hie party will consider it, because they relate to regional regulations although entertainment venue is not beneficial for Garut regency.

“We will consult with Garut parliament, related to the plan of imposing a moratorium. If the parliament responds, we will impose a moratorium, “he said.