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Garut Regent : Prof Anwar Musaddad very equal to get National Heroic title

Government of Garut Regency through official of labour social and Transmigration rename best son to be confirmed as National heroic he is Prof. KH. Anwar Musadad.

Garut Regional Government cooperate with UIN Bandung to gather propose first rector Prof. KH. Anwar Musadad condolise to be confirmed as National heroic inasmuch as history evidence which is strength towards his appearance”. said Garut regent Rudy Gunawan, on middle of presentation activity of Anwar Mudadad promotion as national heroic in Pendopo Building Garut, thursday (5/3/2015).

according to Rudy, they have conducted early learning even though do communication with chief of history center kodam III Siliwangi, where the result is found number of important document as well as in conquer and defend independence.

“data his is at Siliwangi Kodam III history center, either when bring weapon conquer, defend or fill republic freedom, so that base from the history evidence who posy Prof. Anwar Musadad is valued complete qualification to be promoted someone as National heroic.

beneficial if Prof. Anwar Musadad is promoted as National Heroic, so that Garut has leadership vision er as large scientist and intellectual who is our proud together”.he said