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Minggu, 25 Juni 2017   Indonesia | Sunda
Garut Achieving.. Garut Rising ... not…
Hello Dear admin., I Didik from…
Website Content-nya lengkap. Trimakasih kepada pemerintah…
Asallam'mualaikkum. Yth: Bpk Bupati,Wabup berserta jajaran…
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Prayer Time
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Study About Local Culture

as many as 120 people studens of univercity (UPI) ( Indonesia Education Univercity) faculty of IPS (Sociology science) Indonesia Bandung.

who is accompanied guide Dr Siti Nurbayani MPd, as chairman of party conduct study to local culture (Garut Regency culture which is received direct by chief of culture tourism, Drs Mlenik Maumeryadi, M.Si in meeting room secretariat regional Garut attend also Master lecturer UPI.Bandung Dr.Eli Malihah Mpd,