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Garut Regency Targets Cooperation With 25 Countries

Garut Regency Rudi Gunawan targets active cooperation with 25 countries on several sector of Garut development. recently, Garut cooperate actively with among 6 countries.

from middle east, we have team work with Kuwait, Qatar, Uni Emirate Arab, and Oman. cooperation relation form government to government, but also any implementation to foundation”. said regent, Monday (23/2/2015).

cooperation has conducted this, his word, among other sanitation facilities development, pure water facility, irrigation canal, and development of education facilities.

some cooperation with others countries as well as infestation at industry field and expert staff recruitment to overseas, even though, japan wish to excavate geothermal potential, water resource, and agriculture in Garut.

Garut target cooperation actively with 25 countries. all thing opposite world economic community moment in 2030. later not Asean Economic Community anymore,” his word.

to smoothed effort in team working with 25 countries, Rudy said have to prepare human resource in Garut. first step is repairing thousand room classes which is still damage in Garut.

international language certainly will be focused in Garut. honestly if all learning facilities has been well. begin from improvement class room which always is done each year”, said Rudy.

nowadays, Garut has cooperated with Nederland to establish milk and cheese factory. with Qatar, Garut cooperate to build number sanitation facilities, pure water facility, and irrigation canal.

Kuwait come many times to Garut to build education facilities. company from soul also establish the company in Leles. Japan has committed and implement first step to build agriculture sector in Garut.