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Garut Regent: Rich is very Rich and Poor is very Poor

On Anniversary Day 220nd Garut, Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan concern with diversity different economic condition which is far away between high economic community and low at Garut Regency. 

In Garut, rich people are very rich, meanwhile poor are very poor. Difference is far. This cause way of economic grow in Garut is very slow”, said regent when is met after leading ceremony of commemoration Of anniversary day 202 Garut, Monday (16/2).

Regent said it can be shown by the small number of entrepreneurs in Garut but they have so many other businesses, .Regent exemplifying business tourism agriculture restaurants as well as hotel in Garut the pumps were controlled a couple of guys. Similar conglomeration when the ages of new season.

Disparities social and economic this he said must be overcome the district government Garut with ways to improve the economic capacity of the community economic weak. One of the steps it is aimed said of the Regent is improving infrastructure, especially the way in Garut.

So far of bad road infrastructure in Garut causing residents in all corners of garut difficult increase its economic capability. Besides, this results in education services, health and other disturbed. 

Imagine there are citizens who have to pay Rp 100 thousand to ride the motorcycle taxi driver from their homes to the office of sub district of. That kind of money still to be spent by the economic weak to transport because the condition of the damaged the course said regent

Regent said it would build and rehabilitate in Garut 200 kilometers of road this year .An effort to improve this road , he said , make Garut for areas in west java that budgeted repair and construction the road to the largest funds .

The main work that still had to borne Garut , he said , is publish APBD 2015 Garut to the people to ensure the disclosure of information on the budget the government to the public .

In addition, regent said have to decline the unemployment rate in Garut .This can be overcome with open jobs area for residents Garut , of which give the construction of industrial in garut with bring investor .

This year , rudy said it kept seek to improve education and health services in Garut .This is achieved by revitalizing puskesmas (Medical Public Centre) , school , and other facilities .