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Rohingya immigrants is Running to Australia

At least 41 illegal immigrants Rohingya rasis from Myanmar who want to cross over to the Island Christmast Australia with using fishing boats to seek asylum , Wednesday ( 18/9 ) ,they are secured Garut Police rescrime ranks . After being evaluated in Mapolres Garut , they were taken to immigration offices Tasikmalaya .

Of dozens of illegal immigrants , 12 of whom were arrested at the SPBU (fuel pump)Cihuni in Kp . Sukaasih , Gandamekar village , district of Kadungora , Wednesday ( 18/9 ) at 1:20 pm . They consist of 6 adult males , three boys and three girls .

Garut Police Chief , Commissioner Arif Rachman , said , in addition to securing the immigrants , Garut police rescrime also secured a Suzuki APV cars nopol B 1184 BZC which is carrying immigrants as evidence . Based on the results of the investigation while , the immigrants departed from Bogor .

” The arrest came from a report that says there are a number of people of foreign citizens who rest at the pump . Receiving the report, the police officer on duty Kadungora directly to the location . After reviewing, they are undocumented immigration , “he explained .

In addition to the Kadungora , the immigrants were also arrested in the district of Cibalong . They are arrested Satpolair Garut police rescrime officer . The immigrants were then secured in Mapolres Garut .

” We are prioritizing humanity . They are still treated well before handling the Immigration office Tasikmalaya and organizations handling immigration . Currently , they has been seen themselves already taken to Tasikmalaya , “ he said .


Police are also still deepening witnesses , the driver who brought the immigrants to collect data and facts . Furthermore , the immigration office will keep track of where they came from .

An immigrant , Layla ( 40 ) said they had lived in Bogor for eight months so it is quite fluent in Bahasa Indonesia . They fled from Myanmar due to feeling unsafe .

” We evacuated to a number of countries because it does not have a place to stay . Finally we arrived in Indonesia . Our home country is very unsafe and we could be killed at any time , “ he said .

Because of this , he remains determined to travel to Australia in their home country because they do not get recognition . In fact almost all of his family were killed in a conflict with other Myanmar nationals .

continue to occur

Arrests of illegal immigrants is not the first time . This year at least 200 illegal immigrants secured in the military and police the area Garut .

Even in May , police found the bodies of male immigrants aged about 80 years he was buried on the south coast , exactly in the forest preservation area Sancang , Cibalong .

The immigrant smuggling allegedly is involving police officers . Last August two police personnel Garut sanctioned transfer of duties allegedly for engaging to passed illegal immigrants .