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Garut Police Rescrime Secure 115 Illegal Immigrants

Police Resort Garut, West Java, securing 115 illegal immigrants from Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Africa in a villa in District of Banjarwangi. Chief of Criminal Police Garut Dadang Garnadi AKP illegal immigrants is secured said after receiving information from the public.

“Currently are secured amount 115 people , they are from the State of Myanmar, Rohingya, Bangladesh and Africa,” said Dadang in Garut, Sunday (09/01/2013).

According to him, illegal immigrants were purposely positioned at Villa before continuing the journey to Australia via sea waters south Garut. “Allegedly they will cross over to Australia via in the south coast Garut,” he said.

In addition to securing an illegal immigrant, police also secured 2 lady Indonesian citizens from Cilacap and Semarang, Central Java, who is the wife of two illegal immigrants.

Based on the description of an Indonesian citizen, Dadang said, the group set off illegal immigrants from Bogor, Friday, August 30 night using mini-bus vehicles. “They are said to depart from Bogor going to the beach area south of Garut. We are still investigating to find out who brought this group of immigrants, “said Dada.

While, the illegal immigrants are handled by sector police Banjarwangi, Cikajang, and Unit Intelkam Garut police rescrime, while waiting on immigration. The arrival of illegal immigrants to Garut area is the umpteenth time that had been secured police in the period during in 2013.

“Coastal South Garut is indeed often used as a transit point for illegal immigrants who want to go to Australia,” said Dada.