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1.11/02/2010 Dozens of Kertajaya Islamic Elemantary School students Cibatu District forced to learn at the mosque in Kondang Kertajaya village. The reason, their fourth-grade classroom is being improved . Blackboard, table and chairs are moved to the mosque and the mosque yard.
Al-Ijtihad Islamic Elemantary School Teachers Amas said that, although must learn emergancy but it is not discourage the spirit of learning to their students. Even course at famous mosque.
According Amas, parents interest send their children to Al-Ijtihad Islamic Elemantary School high enough. So that Islamic Elemantary School was never shortage of students. Moreover, Al-Ijtihad Islamic Elemantary School is characterized by public schools of Islamic religious

Radar Garut
2.17/12/2009 (Samarang) Achievements Cintarasa Elementary School 3 Samarang District inappropriate in any event be proud of both the district and district level, these schools often become champions. Success in achievement is the fruit of the work of all teachers, parents, residents around and not be separated from the support of the school committee.

Nine students of the district delegates to the district level in 2009 and SPKS is a pride. However, it was determined to improve next year. This is not an easy thing and needs to support to all parties, especially parents and society.

The number of students of the school year 2009/2010 as many as 438 people are guided by 18 teachers, consists of 10 civil servants and the rest volunteer teachers, including a guard.
Another achievement, students could be 2009 champion SPKS district level, and advanced to the provincial level in the field of arts and chess.
Garut Pos
3.02/09/2009 (Karangpawitan District) Presence of Mobile Comunity Access Point (MCAP) or commonly known as the smart car, invite the attention of students and the general public in Karangpawitan Square. In fact, cars are equipped with sophisticated communications equipment and Internet facilities complete with four computer units used by students and younger generations.

Head of Secretariat Informatics convey Garut regency, smart car deliberately opted Tarawih accompanying tour during this ramadhan. However, not all districts that were visited the Regent and Vice Regent accompanied smart car, only a few districts are going to attend this smart car. Since the new assessment and not all districts are available without a cable Internet network, "explained Dikdik.
Smart car assistance of Information and Communication Department (Depkominfo) that can be connected directly to the Internet in addition, there is also a large television with VCD and equipment high-powered sound system.

"Most school children who come to this car to enjoy internet facilities available. But they were forced to take turns wearing it.
The presence of smart cars for students and young people in the Districts where Tarawih around Regent and Vice Regent Garut, intended to be a medium that can introduce technology to students and younger generations. Moreover, the Internet has now reached the villages.
The arrival of smart car with all the equipment, it was anticipated that students in the District Karangpawitan
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4.15/07/2009 (Cisurupan) the volcano Papandayan that is in the subdistrict Cisurupan, apart from his status is stat the rise in the temperature, also it is report is on the alert and happen issu poisonous gas, the observer 's post of the volcano Papandayan ask the visitor or tourists to not approach the area of the crater.

The head of the observer 's post of the volcano Papandayan, Momon, deliver despite did not endanger but his side made a plea so that tourists maintain the distance from the area of the crater, even his side also has made a plea so that tourists maintain the distance from the area of the crater, even his side also has appeal to tourists in the National Recreation Park the mountain Papandayan in order to be careful the existence of poisonous gas.

In the meantime, the official of the post the mountain Papandayan, Krisno Wahyongko, the increase in the temperature as well as the change that happen in the crater of the mountain Papandayan could be seen from the colour of lake water, that is, the crater is of chocolate, temporary from the grating data of the temperature of the crater, the rise happened.
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5.15/07/2009 (Cihurip) the improvement of the highway Pameungpeuk - Garut through subdistrict Cihurip like the dark mountain the point by the relat service, made reliev the public transport drivers, according to one of the drivers of the kind car elf himself felt reliev after the road that often is pass through by him is repair the point of the damage danger.

The step in the Garut Regional Government and the West Javanese Provincial Government in responding to each one of the community 's complaints, including the users of the road by all of a sudden repairing him, is the elegant step that ought to be point out the thumb as well as must continue to be flown.

In this way the drivers expect this step to continue to be increased, so as Garut road facilities - pameungpeuk became better, so as apart from could reduce the risk of the road accident, at the same time could make comfortable the passengers and the users of the other road.
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6.14/07/2009 (Samarang), the chairman of the association of volatile West Javanese oil, Ede Kadarusman, during it is confirmed, said, the refining of the fragrant root became volatile oil the high price of land fuel oil that affect the production cost, now, the increase in the production cost did not join by the price increase sold fragrant root oil in the market.

With in left at him kerosene subsidis from the market, clear felt overwhelm in the production cost. The refining businessman of the fragrant root could experience production stagnation, the Garut regency is the only main production centres of fragrant root oil in Indonesia, the area of the area of the plantation reach 2.400 hectare that is spread, between him Samarang, Leles, Lilawu and Bayongbong, the level of the production of fragrant root oil reach 30 ton/year and the domination of the export market, fragrant root oil is us to making of perfume, cosmetics, perfume for soap and the medicine as well as the eradicator and the insects preventive.

For the time being the fragrant industry of root oil began to be switching us the fuel of kerosene of replacement diesel fuel, but, need the tight supervision because caus kerak in the burning.
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7.02/07/2009 (Caringin), the role and the function of the forest as balancing the ecosystem, his existence receiv serious attention of the sounding lead rank Perhutani the subdistrict territory Caringin by means of making the forest management with the community effective (PHBM). appropriate moment this owing to the directive RPH Caringin and BKPH Bungbulang, his side carri out planting of the tree Aprika, Huru, Petai and other in the area of the bloc 's protect forest Leuwinanggung the village Indralayang measuring 67 hectare, the bloc Ciakar and Erpah the village Caringin measuring 90 hectare last 2007.

The official 's words of the sounding lead Perhutani, the prospective trees are totalling 26,800 trees in this area, the crop that could support the community 's economics, especially the fruit tree like Petai and that is other.The implementation of his planting, by means of establishing the co-operation between the sounding lead Perhutani with the community, technical his planting, around the route of the main crop, so as to not disrupt available trees beforehand, it is add RPH Caringin, the trees crop in the area of the protect forest, and June 16 - 2008 has reach high in general 2m, since planting till now, remains approximately 98.91%.The area of this protect forest has been the quite luxuriant forest.

Moreover for the period plant this coming November 2009, the sounding lead side Perhutani prepar 100 thousand the prospective coffee trees that his plan will be plant in the protect forest land measuring 50 hectare.“this is the step in conservation of the protect forest environment, at the same time pushing the increase in the level of economics,” said Asper Bungbulang, Asep Halim PK.(Undang)
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8.02/07/2009 (Tarogong Kidul), batik garutan is one of the three traditional batiks in West Java and the only one in the territory Priangan, that grew and develop adjust to the condition, in glory period, in the Garut regency is gotten by dozens of perpetrators of batik efforts garutan, but currently is estimat remain at one then.

One of the perpetrators of efforts that still eksis that is Batik Wrote Shd Garut original belonging to Agus S Natawidjaya, SE. live in Pembangunan Street 128 Garut, he stated, his efforts are property of the hereditary family, his parents Suha, these efforts from 1974 and are continu by himself from the year 2000. nearby as the economic activity, his efforts at the same time to maintain the batik tradition garutan that has been famous as far as foreign countries,

The material that in us cloth Pekalongan Central Java that open the branch in Tasikmalaya, the selling price from Rp 75 thousand to Rp 3.5 million, the turnover each month not less than Rp 30 million with marketing to various areas like Jakarta, Bandung, Bali, and other cities.

He hoped, so that the batik businessman garutan carri out the product innovation especially covering the interest person from the youth 's circle, as modifying batik garutan with the jeans material so that the youth could be proud of wearing and the colour election that soft, is not too old, although matching.(Ahmad sadlifirman)
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9.01/07/2009 (kadungora), apart from the registration of administration and letter-write letters, the production of the government of the village is receiv from TPAPD along with the land of the village treasury that is own respectively the territory, but relat from the use of the village land for the public 's facilities, brought the village heads in the position face to face is very complicated.

According to him, the foundation of the law the manager of the land of the village treasury, both in hire out, the building for and for the building already clear, where his existence could be carri out for welfare of apparatus, he admitt in this case the position of the village head and the agency very dilematis, one-sid and inde in order to the progress of the area must support the problem of education, the health as well as many the other thing, now dilain the side of the number of village lands that is us by the public 's means of blowing to the production of the village that nota bene for welfare of apparatus.TPAPD that is receiv each village descended, the equipment allowance as big as Rp.26 million are during one year distribut to 9 people of apparatus and the village head with details as that is determined. if is counted-count still far from is enough, while from the registration, the letter wrote letters not always could be reli on.

Dedih said, the area of the land of the village treasury totalling 2 hectare and that is us by the public 's facilities like educational means, the health, the house and the village office of the teacher 's service measuring 350 spears, whereas the rest of them are the productive land took the form of the agricultural land and the plantation, if the area of the land that is us by the public 's facilities is exchange overthrew with the value sold in accordance with reality between Rp.2 until Rp.2.5 billion, he is convinc could produce the far more bigger new land of the village treasury the potential and wider.(siti nur fathonah)
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10.01/07/2009 (Limbangan), in his working visit to the subdistrict BL, Limbangan and Selaawi, H.M. Fikri the regent of Garut with his wife make use of visit the family Siti thrash that became his casualties of the employer 's violence in Malaysia, the regent with the wife spontaneously hand over help Rp.2 million, is accept by parents and his family, the regent stated, his side promis to help siti thrashed, the regent will tighten sending permission of the Indonesian guest worker overseas, including developing the system of manpower information overseas.

This working visit for two weeks from June 16 to July 29 2009, and the schedule during tomorrow on June 18 the working visit and the bond to the subdistrict Kadungora and the subdistrict leles is follow 5 SKPD the colleague that is the assistant economy and the development, the staff, the cultural service and tourism of the expert of the government 's field, the body of food endurance and penyuluh agriculture, and the office kesbangpol and linmas.

A series of working visit activity for two weeks apart from for the bond also on the occasion of bring closer and more glu good relations between Regional Government Garut and subdistrict equipment, equipment, and the Garut regency public figure of the district village, nearby that the Garut regent will explain
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