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Sabtu, 24 Juni 2017   Indonesia | Sunda
Garut Achieving.. Garut Rising ... not…
Hello Dear admin., I Didik from…
Website Content-nya lengkap. Trimakasih kepada pemerintah…
Asallam'mualaikkum. Yth: Bpk Bupati,Wabup berserta jajaran…
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Prayer Time
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1. Participants must carry identity cards and identity cards Trial Participants (KTP) original and show it to the committee during the verification process.
memories to pass away
Former Regent of Garut, H Taufik Hidayat, Sunday (16/11) passed away into eternity nature in Tasikmalaya. Innalillahi wainailahi roji'un! The finish line H Taufik Hidayat…
10 Future Technology is Anticipated Everyone
The development of technology today is very fast. Technology that was once just a joke now has been realized as something real. But in…
In Season Pancaroba Why We should be alert?
In the transition season temperature is often changeable, suddenly hot, cold, damp, etc. Change of air and temperature less influential on the , because your…
Air Pollution Impact to Environment
Environmental pollution problems are not new. Discussion of this issue instead of once or twice done perhaps even hundreds of times.
Make Sport In Need
According to the past history of the Founding Fathers and their show figures in sport has made a national sport as a form of national…
Acceleration of Distribution of Information Village Community Metode
Netizen is a new community that form on the internet. Without knowing no boundaries and forming system community.
Waching Ebola Virus
Ebola virus is becoming a foreign public attention. Because the virus that had been on the Continent Africa is now starting to spread even to…
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News Video Gallery — Regent Office Visits To KPU
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Update Fitur